FranLink - BAI Community Hub

Connecting franchise brokers, brands, suppliers, and buyers for success.

About FranLink

What is the BAI Franchise Community Hub?

We bring together franchise brokers, brands, suppliers, and buyers to collaborate, build relationships, and form strategic partnerships, so that we can achieve our collective goal of expanding and advancing the franchise ecosystem.

The Results You'll Get 

Our community, professional development opportunities and franchising events are pretty special. We’re focused on bringing together franchise professionals to help elevate one another. Participating in this community will make a huge difference in your business and your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of FranLink; the BAI Franchise Community Hub:

  • Connect with experienced franchise brokers, brands, and suppliers to enhance your business network.
  • Collaborate on innovative strategies to strengthen and advance the franchise ecosystem.
  • Gain valuable insights and support from industry experts to expand and grow your franchise business.
  • Explore and evaluate hundreds of franchise opportunities and find your next investment
  • Connect with future franchisees and brand ambassadors

When You Join Today

When you join FranLink today, you’ll get access to our:

  • FranForum: An interactive group feed where franchise professionals come to share best practices, network and encourage each other for mutual success.
  • Virtual Networking Events: Engage in organized virtual meet-and-greet events with other community members to strengthen relationships and explore new collaboration opportunities. These interactive events allow you to expand your network, create new partnerships, and support the growth of the franchise ecosystem.
  • Access to the FranchiseVault: A database of hundreds of the top Franchise Opportunities available.
  • The SupplierLink: Here you will have access to resources that will enhance your business and help you thrive as a franchise broker or franchise brand.